Please read the below rules and follow them carefully.

1. You must have the HTML up and running within 10 days. You are granted an amnesty period of three days. If on the thirteenth day, the ring fragment is not yet on your website, your site will be removed from the ring's queue. On the tenth day I will send you an email reminding you that you have only three days left. You will be notified if your site is removed from the queue. NOTE: If you require an extension, please write to me requesting one.
2. The URL that you submit to the queue must be for the page on which the ring fragment appears. I do check this when you submit your site.
3. Sites that promote violence, racism, or contain adult content will not be allowed in the ring.
4. Sites of the search engine variety or sites with just links will not be allowed in the ring. The site must contain actual literary material such as poetry or stories.
5. As the Ringmistress, I reserve the right to remove sites from the ring which do not adhere to these rules.
6. I also reserve the right to add more rules to this list if I find a need for them.

Internet Writers' Ring