Hi! My name is Cheryl and I'm the ringmistress of the Internet Writers' Ring. This webring is designed as a means of linking those sites on the web that are related to all aspects of reading, writing, critiquing, and publishing poetry and stories. We always welcome new members. If you have a website that deals with the wonderful world of writing, and you update it on a regular basis, we want you!

Before adding your site to the queue, read the rules to be sure that your site meets the membership requirements.

Now that you've read the rules, follow these easy steps to add your site to the Internet Writers' Ring. Please follow them closely to preserve the integrity of the Ring!

STEP 1: Add your site to the Internet Writers' Ring queue. Your page will be held for review before it is added to the Ring.
NOTE: This step does not automatically insert your site into the Ring.

Site Title:
Site URL:

Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Description: Enter a short description of your site.
STEP 2: You will receive your unique site ID number in an email. Write this down and try not to lose it. You will need your site ID number to make any modifications, or to quit the Ring. If you do lose it, write to me and I will send it to you. You would not be the first person this happened to.

STEP 3: Save one of the ring logos to your server.
It's VERY IMPORTANT that the ring HTML code be on the URL page that you list for the Ring. You may insert it wherever on that page you feel it is appropriate. But it must be on that page. The purpose of the Ring is to make navigating the web easier, not to force people to search through your pages in order to continue along the Ring.

STEP 4: Paste the HTML fragment that you received in an email on your page. Replace THE IMAGE with the URL of the image that you saved.

That's it! After checking out your page, I will take your Site ID Number and use it to add you to the Ring. You should then receive an e-mail letting you know you've been added.

Once again, a great big welcome to you! And spread the word about the Internet Writers' Ring. The more people who know, the more visitors our ringmember sites will have!

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