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Mermaids' Tails

Literary Resources
Booktalk contains wonderful articles on finding an agent, how to write a query letter, and more. Also lists information on various agents, publishing companies, and bookstores. Don't know what a word means? Find out here.
Elements of Style by William Strunk A simple, concise online book that every writer should read.
Horror Writers Association Information related to the writing of horror and dark fantasy.
Inkspot Aimed more at professional writers, but still very useful to the amateur.
Online Rhyming Dictionary For the poets. Enter a word and find words that rhyme.
Peridot Books A paying ezine specializing in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, and publishing some of the best fiction on the web. It offers articles on the art of writing, as well as links and resources for authors.
Roget's Thesaurus The most complete and up-to-date thesaurus on the web.
Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page Learn how to analyze scripts, write action scenes, and network. You can even sign up for online classes.

Literary Websites
Bookbug on the Web A non-profit website which promotes romance novels and authors, and provides information for readers. Bookcliff-Group Electronic Publishing is a family-friendly site, dedicated to giving authors and artists a free site on the web where they may display or sell work they create. Free, online illustrated novels, short stories, and poems written in the fantasy genre. Also the headquarters of the Fantasy Works Webring.
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Utopia Includes an FAQ, a bibliography, links to other sites, literary criticism, trivia, and the Women Science Fiction Writers index.
LitWeb Keep an online diary or enter the monthly fiction slam.
Pen & Ink is an online 'zine for writers and includes articles, reviews, interviews, poetry, fiction, and recommended links. Also contains literary and pop culture 'zines.
Teal Twilight Cafe A free online newsletter for amateur writers who wish to share their writings with other subscribers.
The Arcanum Cafe Read poetry or publish your own on our web pages for free. Also offers a chat room, links, and message boards.
The National Library of Poetry Enter their poetry contest.
The Reading Garden This site is dedicated to readers and writers of all genres, and showcases excerpted works of published and unpublished authors.
The Young Writer's Club A place for kids and teens to learn about writing and talk with other writers their own age. Registration is free.
The Poetry Room A chatroom for poets and writers to get together and talk about their writing.
Young Eloquent Authors' Haven A literary club aimed at younger writers.