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Sea Scrolls

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A myth is a traditional, typically ancient story about a god, a hero, or the origin of the world, that serves to explain the psychology, customs, or ideals of a society.
Adam, Lilith, And Eve (Unknown)
Before Time Was (Wiccan)
In The Beginning (United States: Native American)
Osiris (Egypt)
The Long Winter (Canada: First Nations)

A legend is an unverified story handed down from earlier times, that is believed to have some historical basis. A legend can also be a romanticized version of a myth.
King Cormac's Cup (Ireland)

A fairytale is a fictitious, highly fanciful tale of legendary deeds and creatures, usually intended for children.
Contest Of The Fairies (France)
The Cat Who Became A Queen (India)
The Knight Of The Lion (Netherlands)
The Magic Moneybag (Korea)
The Mermaid Of Zennor (England)
The Woodcutter Of Gura (Zimbabwe)

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