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This is Minna and Kiora. They came from Amanda's Castle. They protect the souls of the dearly departed. This poem was written about a friend who left this life several years ago, but whose love and strength of spirit is still felt everday. He is greatly missed and the reason that Minna and Kiora guard this page. If you came here from Amanda's Castle, click here to visit Echoes Of The Sea.

James I Remember

When I was a little girl
You were my sworn enemy.
You were a boy
Boys had germs.
Boys played in the dirt
With trucks and transformers.
Did I mention that boys were gross?
But time changes everything.

I grew older and I realized
You were my best friend.
You taught me to climb trees
And you caught me when I fell.
You took Peanut Butter home
When my mom said I couldn'e keep her.
Did I mention that boys were nice?
But time changes everything.

I grew even older
You were my first crush.
You held my hand
And stole a kiss or two (or three).
You promised to take me to my first dance
And not let me dance with anyone but you.
Did I mention that boys were sweet?
But time changes everything.

A cruel twist of fate
Took you from me.
We never went to that dance
And you never held my hand again.
But I refuse to cry
You are somplace better than here
Where you will never hurt.
And for that I am greatful
It makes my hurt a little easier to bare.