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Empty Promises

You told me that you loved me.
That you needed me.
You said that I was the love of your life.
That I was the only girl for you.

In my naiveté
I believed you.
And now that poor girl
Believes you, too.

I wonder if you look at her
The way you looked at me?
And do you smile at her
The way you smiled at me?

Do you hold her
The way that you held me?
And do you kiss her
The way that you kissed me?

Do you talk to her
The way you talked to me?
And do you lie to her
The way you lied to me?

I try to warn her about your silver tongue
And about your empty promises
But my warnings
Fall on deaf ears.

I see you walking down the street
Holding her hand
Whispering in her ear
Oh, if only she knew.

But in her naiveté
She loves you, too.