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Untitled by Cindy

When I was just a young girl,
my daddy promised me,
He said, "I'll buy you a pony, Baby, just you wait and see."
Time had passed and the wondering when went away,
then one day it happened, a pony came my way.
I was oh so happy. What my dad had promised me,
it wasn't just a promise,
but a wonderful reality.
We spent so much time together,
underneath the stars...
back then under the moonlit desert,
that time...was only ours.
I started taking lessons,
on the way to ride a horse.
They said I had so much promise,
but teenage years took their course.
So eventually I quit...
telling Dad was the hardest part,
he took it very well,
only I know he has a golden heart.
As the years went by,
horses never left my blood...
see that was the biggest lesson,
and I learned it from my dad, I'll call him "stud".
Now that I'm a woman and married with a family,
I cherish my husband, who bought a horse for me.
I don't always have time to ride,
I'll be the first one to admit.
Having my horse means something to me...
I don't think people get.
Ever since my lessons,
I've had a dream all to myself,
to be the greatest rider...
with a trophy for my shelf.
I need to learn a lot about riding...
and I want to try,
but just having my horse nearby...
means I won't give up, no...not until I die.
I may not have the time right now,
eventually I will.
In the meantime when I see my horse,
he takes me back to,
when I lived upon a hill.
Back then it was just him and I,
underneath the stars.
We grew so close, we learned so much,
about the way we think, about the way we are.
I found out that my father...
will always be my link.
He is so strong and stubborn...
he makes me pound on my knee.
Yet when I look at him...I'm always seeing me.
So I may not ride my beauty outside,
just don't ever forget...
It's not just what I do with him,
but what he represents.
So now I'm going to sell him.
Boy, how that saddens me.
I'm really going to miss him...
but I'll keep my fantasy.
I hate to burden my parents...
have them worry over me, and the things they think I should be doing, with the
horse my husband bought for me.
I will find a way to keep horses in my life,
even though he will be gone,
I never give up...for I am full of strife.
I will miss him mostly...when life seems hard to contain,
for that is when I leaned on him,
my tears falling like rain.
No one knows my secrets, not the way he does.
Like when I would go out and lean on him and give him all my love.
My fears I told only to keep all to himself,
I'm much to strong to show anyone else, that's why he, I could trust. I don't
like to show my weakness...that really bothers me,
So even when I feel like I'm failing,
and no one wants to listen to me,
that's why I always turn to him...
It's like he smiles at me.
He makes me feel better about the world...
and what is troubling me,
That's why I love to have him...
he makes a better human out of me.
I don't know what will happen,
but one thing is for sure...
my horse life is not over.
He's kinda like my four leaf clover,
He's my angel sent in farm form...
reminding me what I can be,
It's what he represents to me.

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