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Strangers That We Used To Know by Kori

All the anger in all the words
that have already been said
can't be erased or taken away
what's past is done and dead.
In the window a light used to shine
and it gave off a comforting glow
holding memories close to our souls
of the strangers that we used to know.

we promised we would never say hello
for it always ends in goodbye
we swore we'd just hold each other close
we learned to believe in our lies.

The light in the window is fading
our song is coming to an end
what exactly is a promise, because
we promised to always be friends.
Now it's finally time to say hello
because you've just said goodbye,
but take with you the truth that I love you,
for that was never a lie.

we promised we would never say hello
but now we've come to say goodbye
oh, dear God I believed too hard
that our truth lived in our lies...

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