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By Cheryl Bur

This is a list of my favourite books. They have nothing to do with writing, but you should read them because they're really good.

Young Adult


Anne of Green Gables--L. M. Montgomery,
Find A Stranger, Say Goodbye--Lois Lowery
The Upstairs Room--Johanna Reiss
Ballet Stories--Jean Richardson
Little Women--Louisa M. Alcott

Sci-Fi And Fantasy

Invasion #1: First Strike--Diane Carey
Kahless--Micheal Jan Friedman
The Cold One--Christopher Pike
The Crysalids--John Wyndham
Dragonsbane--Barbara Hambly



Gone With The Wind--Margaret Mitchell
Scarlett: The Sequel To Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind"--Alexandra Ripley
Unsolved: Great True Crimes of the 20th Century--Kirk Wilson
All Too Human: The Love Story Of Jack And Jackie Kennedy--Edward Klein
The Oregon Trail--Ralph Compton
The Riders of High Rock--Louis L'Amour
Wild Geese--Martha Ostenso


* One Wore Blue--Heather Graham
* And One Wore Gray--Heather Graham
* And One Rode West--Heather Graham
Jade--Ruth Langan
Breath Of Magic--Teresa Medeiros
In Destiny's Arms--Christine Michels
Tigress--Jennifer Blake

* Series

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